In 2012, I volunteered to train and mentor a few graduates at my local church to become globally relevant. I wanted to build their confidence and empower them with skills to access opportunities. It started in my garage and for 6 weeks, I trained alone for hours. God empowered me to deliver excellently and it paid off with incredible results.
That became The Global Graduate Academy. Together with other powerful facilitators from across the globe, we have supported the careers of hundreds of students and young professionals who have and continue to excel globally.
It was incredibly fulfilling supporting all the talented and ambitious young people who joined us. The transformation will live on and there will be a ripple effect. That makes me proud. Thank you all for the opportunity to serve and impact many of you, on many levels. My heart is full of gratitude.
The time has come for me as the founder to write a new and beautiful chapter in my life and career.
I struggled to move on, but as a person of faith, I am leaning into obedience and stepping into what God is calling me to do next. He is calling me to step into a God size dream.
If you know me or have interacted with me, you know, I am a life long-learner; who is always pushing boundaries, growing, evolving and never settling at where society expects me to end up.
I am stepping into a new season to coach ambitious and high achieving women believers, (and a few men God will send my way) how to reinvent their lives and careers online and offline, so they have the time freedom to make a fulfilling impact and a sustainable income.
You can find out more here: If you want to continue to learn from me, I have so many valuable videos on my YouTube channel on personal and professional development lessons and tips, just search for Edem Adzaho and subscribe if you find it valuable. Again, thank you for the opportunity and don't be afraid to evolve; that is where growth is. I wish you the best on your own journey.


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